Welcome to Exhale!…

where you’ll find affordable fitness & wellness programs that support healthy, active lifestyles, for all ages, stages of life, and fitness levels. Our services include Pilates & Yoga private lessons, and a regular weekly schedule of small group Pilates, Yoga & Fitness classes.

Whether you are seeking a dynamic fitness experience, more efficient and pain-free movement, or a calm healing environment, our teachers will inspire you to experience your body in an entirely new way!

50 or older? It’s never too late to start an exercise program. At Exhale! we like to say… you’re not getting older, you’re getting better! PILATES & YOGA WORK by teaching patterns of movement that progressively mobilize joints and strengthen and stretch muscles from the inside out… addressing many issues associated with the aging process. The result is a body that feels better, looks better and functions more efficiently.

If you are new to Pilates (or Exhale!) and are interested in checking us out, please send us your contact information and a brief message. You are invited to schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation to discuss your goals and/or therapeutic issues, tour the studio, or observe a class in session! We will get right back to you.

Continuing through October 2015

FREE Summer Pilates Beginners Mat Class (Saturdays, 9am)create an account and sign up online OR contact Marsha (425-806-6988 / marsha@exhalepilatesyoga.com) for more information. Prerequisites:  Ability to get up and down from the floor; clearance from your health care provider if you have chronic pain or therapeutic issues that limit movement.

Andrea will continue Thursday evenings with two back to back HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes (6pm & 7pm) at the Kenmore location.  Class size is limited to 6.  Contact Andrea for more information… andrealopriore@yahoo.com.  $12+tax per class!

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The Exhale! OUTDOOR SUMMER EVENING FITNESS PROGRAM is off and running at William Penn Park in Bothell.

Email Heather at hepfish333@gmail.com for more info or to sign up. Here is the weekly lineup of classes through October 2015:

  • Monday, 5pm   CARDIO HIIT Interval: A hard hitting cardio interval format, followed by a stretch segment.
  • Wednesday, 5pm   STRENGTH TRX/BOSU/KETTTLEBELL Combo: A strength training format using fun toys!

Welcome to Exhale!

where we specialize in small group Pilates, Yoga & Fitness classes and Private Lessons for students of all ages and fitness levels.


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