Welcome to Exhale!

where we specialize in small group Pilates Semiprivate classes for 2-3 students AND Private Lessons for the novice, beginner, intermediate, and advanced student. Located in the heart of Kenmore, WA we offer services seven days a week:

  • Monday-Thursday (6am-8:30pm)
  • Friday (9am-5:30pm)
  • Saturday-Sunday (6am-1pm)

Our skilled team of instructors are certified by programs that meet the highest standards of the Pilates and fitness industry. We work closely with a community of bodywork, medical and rehabilitation specialists to provide an integrated approach to whole body fitness and conditioning.

Whether you are seeking a dynamic fitness experience, more efficient and pain-free movement, or a calm and healing movement environment, our teachers will inspire you to experience your body in an entirely new way!

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CONTACT: Marsha Dorman

206-782-1745 | marsha@exhalepilatesyoga.com