What Folks Are Saying About Us

MARSHA DORMAN, MSPT, Certified Pilates Teacher

I have had a great experience working with Marsha Dorman for the last three years. In the past I struggled with alignment issues that caused discomfort and pain in my daily activities. Marsha’s Pilates mat classes and private sessions have provided an amazing positive change in my quality of life. Her small mat classes provide a rare opportunity for individual attention and corrections to form. Marsha gives wonderful cues that give me that “aha!” moment. Marsha has provided such great training that I’m able to engage in activities that I couldn’t in the past without pain or risk of injury. I now enjoy cooking and taking care of my grandchildren. Another benefit of Marsha’s Pilates classes has been an increase in my spinal bone density, a critical improvement given my back issues.I look forward to continuing my work with Marsha for years to come. – Marji, 68


I’ve been taking Pilates with Marsha Dorman for about four years. Her classes always feel fresh and interesting as she’s somehow able to come up with a new flow of exercises each time we meet. We’ll keep returning to the same muscle groups to build strength, but Marsha targets them through a variety of movements. Marsha provides perfect cues to help you isolate and activate muscles you didn’t even know you had, and she takes care to balance strength building exercises with stretching to keep your whole body feeling balanced. During my time with Marsha I’ve had two pregnancies and her classes were essential to rebuilding my abdominal strength and pelvic floor. More recently I’ve started taking modern dance classes after a long hiatus. My many years taking classes with Marsha have provided me with an improved body awareness and core strength that’s helping me keep up with dancers half my age. – Lisa, 39


I’m Jeri, a 67 year old who loves the outdoors and staying fit physically, mentally and emotionally through daily exercise in and around our beloved Edmonds where I reside. This is my second year of small group palates with Marsha Dorman. It is one of the best things I ever did for myself. I find Pilates transitions well to all the activities I enjoy outdoors such as walking, running, biking, golfing, snowshoeing, workouts at the gym, and just everyday life. The strength and flexibility of neck, lower back, arms, legs and stomach are especially noticeable. I have much better control of pelvic muscles when having a laughing good time. That is very empowering, believe me!! My balance and core awareness continue to improve each week and brings new vitality to my posture and overall good feeling. It also strengthens weak areas and those that are prone to inflammation-especially in the knees, shoulder and arms. My physical therapy and the pilates work together beautifully. I look forward to our weekly Wednesday morning classes and feel so inspired and exhilarated afterwards. Marsha’s sessions are varied and always tailored to what she knows we need for the week. Her imaging as she talks us through each portion of the palates helps us to have correct body awareness for all parts concerned. Her cueing along the way for correctness helps to have the exact visualizing each of us needs to maximize the potential for each activity and the body awareness that goes with. She monitors and adjusts our activities where she sees the need for our success and/or comfort. The pace is always perfect and about smoothness and control. It’s another key attribute to her success as an instructor. She often comes around to each individual to check for correctness of how the body is engaged. She is well aware and considerate of each of our physical strengths and weaknesses and potential. To top this all off, we have a fun and supportive group of ladies with a good range in ages. Marsha brings out the best in each of us. Thank you for this weekly privilege!  – Jeri, 67


I’ve been taking Pilates for about 10 years, and about 6 of those years have been with Marsha. I first tried Pilates on the recommendation of my massage therapist because I was having shoulder and knee pain. Pilates has benefited me by improving my posture, strength, and body awareness. I’m able to go about my daily life without pain and work out at the gym without injuring myself. I love taking classes from Marsha. She is professional, caring, and creates a non-intimidating and supportive atmosphere for all of her students. – Holly, 54


My name is Margaret, and I will be 73 my next birthday. I have been active most of my life, and had a hard time adjusting to the limitations imposed by severe arthritis in my middle years. I began to take Pilates several years ago in preparation for bilateral knee replacements, and found that I had already been using components from Pilates as rehab from previous ortho surgeries. The techniques helped hugely, made me much stronger, made my recovery faster and easier. I love palates, combine it with walking most days, and plan to continue as long as I can move! Marsha’s expertise and experience makes this discipline accessible to just about everyone, regardless of age or condition, in my opinion. – Margaret, 73


After a back injury about 5 years ago I went to Physical Therapy at Movement Systems. A therapist there had me start with what I now recognize as some basic Pilates mat exercises. That therapist sent me to a class with Marsha Dorman, who was then teaching in Edmonds. Her once a week class became the one thing in my week that is utterly non-negotiable – I miss it only when wild horses are dragging me elsewhere. Not only is my back healed, but I also move with more power and assurance. Her classes include so much more than Pilates – we have learned to recognize our own physical quirks and work with them to enhance balance and flexibility. I do strength training twice a week and speed walk in between. The lessons I learn on Marsha’s mat make a huge difference in ALL my activities, because of the incredible change in my core. Even working out in a gym since my 20’s, I managed to avoid ever really addressing my abdominals. Not only can I now function with confidence and move from a strong center…..but I have lost most of that ’little soft pooch” so many of moan about! – Rebecca, 54